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Relevant Audiences


Segment and reach mobile audiences with PushSpring targeting

Mobile Marketing


Grow revenue with in-app targeting and content personalization

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1 Million Mobile Device IDs

Mobile Audience Targeting

Get the most accurate and relevant targeting results with audience data that originates from mobile device and app signals.

PushSpring Personas

175 mobile audience targeting Personas spanning Life Stage, Intent, and Interest & Activity dimensions.

Custom Segmentations

Create your own targeting segment with PushSpring Personas, App Genres and signals like location, device type, and app ownership.
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PushSpring Persona Guide

Audience Intelligence Defined

Discover the Personas that characterize your audience. Understand audience overlap and build custom segments to fit the needs of your campaign.

PushSpring Audience Console

Audience Composition

View app ownership of your audience and compare across PushSpring Personas and App Genres.

Actionable Insights

Discover deep insights on your users, Custom Segments or PushSpring pre-built Personas available for targeting. From app ownership to over-indexing Personas.

App Intelligence

Analyze your app audiences and use your insights wherever you might need them, with exportable reports for use outside of the Console.
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Integrated and Extensible

Create custom segments to meet the specific goals of your campaigns and securely send to trusted platform partners for execution, within hours.

DoubleClick DFP DBM
Centro DSP Demand Side Platform Partner
The Trade Desk TheTradeDesk DSP
Oracle Data Cloud BlueKai Data Management Platform Data Exchange
eXelate Data Management Platform DMP
Adelphic Mobile Demand Side Platform DSP
InMobi Mobile Ad Network
AdTheorant Data Driven Predictive Advertising Solution
AOL 1 Marketing Platform
MediaMath DSP Partner
AppNexus Publisher Adserver
DataXu Demand Side Platform programmatic marketing analytics
Digilant Driving Advertising Innovation
Run DSP Demand Side Platform

In addition to this list many other platforms accept custom ad ID uploads. PushSpring is available to work with the platform of your choice.

App Audience Monetization

Monetize more effectively with superior audience data to power targeted ad sales, offers, and content.

Grow direct sales revenue

Add audience targeting products to your portfolio. Increase CPMs and ad revenue.

Grow brand relationships

Prospect and build advertiser relationships with app audience overlap data.

Personalize content and offers

Show tailored content and recommendations to targeted customers via real-time API.
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