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Explore Audiences
Gain Insights, Activate in Hours

Explore App Audiences

App Audiences

Identify unique characteristics of your app audience.

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Create Custom Audiences

Create Custom

Define your targetable audiences with accuracy.

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Export for Activation

Export for Activation

Use custom audiences or access pre-defined segments.

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Upload for Analysis

Upload for Analysis

Identify unique
characteristics of mobile
app audiences in the
PushSpring Audience Console.

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  • PushSpring Audience Console

  • The PushSpring Audience Console offers mobile app audiences at scale. Create, view and export custom segments in minutes to tailor your mobile targeting strategy with verified device-level data.
  • Explore App Audiences

    Identify unique characteristics of mobile app audiences in the PushSpring Audience Console.
    • Leverage the PushSpring Audience Console at no cost.
    • Access Audience Composition Reports, showcasing deep insights customized for your audiences.
    • Gain insights into over and under indexing Personas and app ownership profiles, as well as demographic, location and device data.
  • Create Custom Audiences

  • Build custom audiences to meet the specific needs of your campaign.
  • Create unlimited combinations of device attributes. Replicate, refine, de-duplicate, and extend your custom audiences with attributes such as:

    • App Ownership
    • Persona
    • Demographic
    • Apps Owned by Genre
    • Manufacturer
    • Location
    • Carrier
    • Platform
    • Imported Audiences
    • Device Language

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  • Export Audiences for Activation

  • Create an audience within minutes and export to the execution platform of your choice for targeting within hours.
  • PushSpring data is actionable at scale and with speed. Activate PushSpring audiences via the execution partner of your choice.

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  • Upload Audiences for Analysis

  • Upload your audience data for matching, comparison and expansion.

    With a simple .csv, .tsv. or .txt file you can gain insights into your first party data. Match against PushSpring Personas, Custom Audiences and App Genres to analyze and extend your audience scale.