PushSpring provides mobile advertisers with device-level app audience data to power targeted branding and mobile performance initiatives.


In a recent campaign, a leading provider of subscription-based satellite TV services tested PushSpring data versus traditional run-of-category targeting for mobile RTB inventory.  For completeness, 106 different PushSpring Personas were tested, 81 of which showed statistically significant (p<0.05) CTR lift versus the run-of-category Technology segment.  Across all segments, the advertiser gleaned 99% lift due to the combination of device-level targeting and PushSpring’s inherent fraud detection and removal capability.

Campaign Details

Advertiser: National satellite TV subscription service Campaign objective: Drive mobile signups Targeting:  106 PushSpring Personas vs. Run-of Technology Category


  • 99% aggregate lift
  • 81 Personas showed statistically significant lift vs. Run-of Technology Category
  • 27 Personas showed greater than 2x lift
  • 4 Personas showed greater than 3x lift
  • 370% maximum lift for Family Caretakers Persona