PushSpring is pleased to announce the release of DAR optimized demographic data. The offering provides a solution for achieving demographic targeting benchmarks across both programmatic and social campaigns. The PushSpring Audience Marketplace has the only demo data you’ll need, and we’ve optimized it to perform against Nielsen DAR measurement. You can now add age and gender segments to your existing targeting lines with supreme confidence.

The PushSpring data science team created highly predictive demographic models, and tuned these against Nielsen DAR measurement feedback to create accurate, DAR-optimized mobile demographic audiences for age and gender targeting. Now PushSpring customers can create, verify and optimize mobile demographic segments for performance against DAR benchmarks. You can access these DAR-optimized audiences directly in the PushSpring Audience Console, or through any DSP platform where PushSpring data is available.

In addition to mobile, PushSpring also enables display and social activation through deterministic ID mapping. This means that the DAR-optimized demographics can deterministically extend to your other digital media channels, with confidence.

Want to learn more about our methodology? Download our whitepaper to get technical.