New to the PushSpring blog, we are excited to launch the “Getting to Know PushSpring” series. We’ll introduce you to the team one post at a time. Today we’d like you to meet John Dierks, a software engineer extraordinaire. Let’s jump right into his interview.

When did you join PushSpring, and what was your first week like?

I joined PushSpring in September 2014. My first week was definitely a whirlwind, coming up to speed on our code base and our business.

What is your role, and your favorite task associated with your role?

As an engineer, I’ve always enjoyed finding solutions to challenging problems. One thing I love about working at PushSpring is the ability to get my hands dirty with product development challenges in addition to engineering challenges. Product development requires a more empathic problem solving approach than the typical engineering projects I am usually responsible for. Oftentimes the product process isn’t as straightforward as the engineering process, but finding great solutions to the needs of our users is worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than building products that our customers love.

What is your moment of glory contribution to PushSpring?

I owned the development on a much of our custom segment creator, which was really fun. Having the ability to build something so core to our product from beginning to end made it an exciting project. It required a ton of engineering work but making such a powerful feature easy to use was the real challenge. The early feedback from our users has been amazing and that’s super satisfying. It’s an important part of our product, so I’m excited to take what we’ve done so far and make it better in the future.


What keeps you coming back into the office everyday?

The people at PushSpring are what drew me in, and they definitely keep me coming back every day. Everyone is dedicated to building great products. I don’t think you could assemble a team better than this one.

Drink of choice?

Coffee for sure. One perk of working at PushSpring is being so close to Milstead Coffee, but working across the street from the Fremont Brewery certainly doesn’t hurt ether.