1) When did you join PushSpring, and what was your first day like?

I started as a sales consultant in February 2015. I wanted to test the waters and give PushSpring the same opportunity to get to know me. It took two days before I joined full-time as employee #12! I was immediately impressed by what the company had accomplished in such as short amount of time, with so few team members, I knew I had to be part of the vision!

What made my first day memorable was the knowledge of the business team and the brilliance of our tech, engineering & data teams - it was obvious PushSpring was more than the sum of its parts. I was impressed right from the start.

2) What is your role, and your favorite task associated with your role?

I am the VP of Sales, leading our conversations with brands and agencies. Aside from speaking to our customers my role requires a large amount of collaboration with our operations, engineering, data and product teams.

My favorite part of my role is evangelizing our product and capabilities to advertisers and marketers. We have such an incredible UI and offering, often people are impressed right from the start of a demo. Our product is created with our customers’ needs in mind and we are selling a unique offering the market is ready for. It’s a great feeling to bring our capabilities to advertisers and see them really embrace it.

3) What is your moment of glory contribution to PushSpring?

When I joined, PushSpring’s offering still needed to be defined and the message to advertisers and marketers wasn’t fully developed. I was able to be a major contributor as to how that story is told. We spent a significant amount of time focusing on advertisers’ needs and what problems PushSpring could help solve with our data. Not only did those strategy sessions form our story, but they also helped form our product. It’s rare when the sales, marketing and product functions work so closely together, allowing direct feedback from customers to immediately influence the offering.

By focusing on the needs of mobile advertisers we’ve been able to build an immediately valuable product, awesome - and very intuitive- UI and this is just the beginning. Now we are at a point of seeing significant industry interest, and use, of our data, as well as our Audience Console. Seeing that adoption feels really great! It’s been incredible to see our profound evolution within such as short amount of time.

4) What keeps you coming back into the office everyday?

I work with a team of brilliant people! I’m excited to come to work everyday knowing I have the ability to present an idea and move on it almost immediately. Each day presents it’s own challenges and rewards as we are continuously solving new and interesting problems. I really enjoy knowing that my efforts directly impact the success of the company.

5) Drink of choice?

Manhattan or an Old Fashion. I’ve also been known to drink an IPA, or 3.