Have you ever created a segment that could use a boost in size? We've made it easy for you to increase the size of your segments with our brand new lookalike expansion tool.

How do we do it? Lookalike segments are created by analyzing the app graph distribution of users in your original segment and finding users who have statistically similar app graphs. Think of your favorite online retailer, they likely offer suggestions of “users who bought x also bought y”. Our lookalike methodology works the same way.

Our goal is to create features that make your life easier, with that in mind we introduce another exciting feature, our recommended apps engine. While adding apps to your custom segments in the console, check out the list of recommended apps that accompanies your search.

PushSpring recommended apps are based on attributes of the app itself. We perform natural language processing of the app store descriptions, along with other information about the app, in order to find apps that are similar. Think back to the online retailer scenario, and you'll understand this feature is a “similar products to x” type tool.

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