PushSpring, the leading independent provider of verified mobile app audience data, today announced the availability of PushSpring Persona targeting in the Oracle BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace (ADM), a Data as a Service for Marketing offering. As Oracle’s launch partner for device-level targeting, PushSpring enables marketers to reach qualified mobile app audiences by device advertising ID on iOS and Android platforms.

“Oracle BlueKai has long been the world leader and pioneer of the original Audience Data Marketplace for data buyers and digital marketers. Now, as part of the Oracle Data Cloud, the marketplace has only grown stronger, and continues to enable new and innovative targeting capabilities. We are excited to be one of the first data partners to provide device-level targeting to enable more relevant mobile app advertising.” said Karl Stillner, PushSpring’s Co-Founder and CEO.

PushSpring Personas span the dimensions of Demographic, Intent, Interest & Activity, and Life Stage, and all PushSpring data is quality tested to eliminate fraud, something that has been and continues to be a major issue in mobile RTB-based advertising. Mobile marketers can layer top-level PushSpring fraud-free advertising IDs as an additional target to any existing mobile campaigns to significantly reduce wasted media spend due to device and click fraud.

As part of the Oracle ADM, PushSpring data can be activated to power audience targeting across Oracle media partners to inform mobile advertising and site experiences.

About PushSpring

PushSpring provides mobile app audience data and audience intelligence tools for publishers and advertisers. Using advanced machine learning techniques applied to billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals, PushSpring data scientists create targeting Personas and custom segments that represent the most accurate, multi-dimensional classification of mobile app audiences available. These audience segments are made available via the PushSpring Audience Platform and distributed through industry-leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and publishers.