Patent Validates Company as Category Creator and Owner of the Intellectual Property Defining App Ownership Audience Creation without the use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • PushSpring owns the fundamental method for creating marketing personas based on app ownership and usage - in a platform without PII
  • PushSpring has created 300+ Personas based on this patent and customers have had tremendous success using the Personas for targeting in their campaigns
  • PushSpring segments are available on 30+ marketing platforms, including their own Audience Marketplace where customers can combine PushSpring Personas and app ownership data with a tremendous variety of 3rd party data in a PII safe environment

Seattle, May 21, 2019   The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Patent US20150220943A1 for “Automatic profiling of a mobile device and/or its use” to PushSpring, giving the company broad ownership to the creation of marketing segments and personas based on mobile app ownership and usage. This patent covers the methodology used by many marketing data firms when building mobile data offerings, including the underlying techniques for identifying a unique mobile device, determining which of the millions of available applications are installed on that device, and then selecting signals from that set with which to segment the users for marketing campaign purposes.

PushSpring Personas were built around the claims held within the patent. The patent claims that “If a user has both expense tracking and hotel loyalty apps, these are strong signals that they belong in the Business Traveler Persona. In the case that a user has multiple fitness tracking apps, this ownership would land them in the Health and Fitness Persona.” App ownership is the basis of how PushSpring Personas are built and the patent substantiates this approach to audience creation.

“Since PushSpring’s founding, our guiding principle has been that mobile data is the most accurate way to achieve a campaign’s goals. From the beginning, our team has executed on these principles by developing cutting edge technology which pioneered the category of mobile app-based audience marketing,” said PushSpring CTO Dr. Stephen E. Dossick. “The issuance of this patent further validates our position as the clear leader in mobile audience-driven marketing.”

PushSpring customers continue to see success using audiences compiled of app ownership-based Personas. The Personas were built with the core belief that an app can indicate a variety of life stages, interests, activities and intentions of the app owner, and now having a patented approach to deriving these categories sets PushSpring’s algorithms ahead of the industry.

Custom audience creation and activation, based on this patented approach, is available via the PushSpring Audience Console and Marketplace. Personas and Custom Segments from the Marketplace are available at all leading data endpoints for activation. For more information request access today.