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Publisher Solutions, Powered
By Mobile Originated Data



Enhance the value of your inventory with demographic data for your ad calls.

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Understand your customer's mobile behaviors beyond your app.

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Personalize content experiences with deeper user insights.

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  • Pushspring Audience Console for Publishers

  • PushSpring equips app owners and publishers with complete audience composition and interest data to drive targeted engagement and ad monetization.
  • Enhanced Monetization

  • Deploy PushSpring mobile audience data and demographic parameters on your existing inventory for premium audience segmentation. This option is easy to use with most monetization partners.
  • Discover Audience Insights

  • Uncover unique audience traits with PushSpring mobile app insights layered on top of your first party audience data. Understand which other apps your users own, what traits set them apart, and which brands they best align with. Use this data to customize messaging, enhance monetization and find lookalike audiences.
  • Easy Onboarding and Audience Management

  • Import your audience data within minutes. Get first party audience insights and build custom segments for activation.
  • Your Audience Hub

  • PushSpring makes it easy to ingest, explore and export your data to the platform of your choice. Make your audience data available anywhere you need it.